Our story

Leisure = time that is completely free; a quiet life with no worries

You deserve To live each day of your holiday in a place where purity, harmony, comfort and privacy all come together as one.

To check into a guest house where we really listen to your needs and desires. To wake up in the morning and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Whenever you feel like travelling, to just get into one of the boats that are waiting for you at the guest house pontoon and start an exploration journey of the Danube Delta.

During the hot summer days

To go for a swim in the outdoor pool or relax at the nearby sulina beach.

Rooms and apartments

Enjoy the precious moments shared with your loved ones, allow yourself to be.

12 double rooms, each with its own terrace or balcony and 3 apartments are waiting for you at the Terrablue guest house. They are all designed to provide the perfect getaway for a weekend in the heart of the Danube Delta. Our minimalist style furnishings and attention to detail ensure that each room offers the peace, comfort and privacy you deserve. Choose the perfect space for you and experience serenity and relaxation like never before.


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Restaurant with a diverse menu

We pride ourselves on offering a complete and diverse culinary experience, tailored to your individual tastes and dietary needs. Whether you’re craving fresh fish delicacies, vegetarian options, or dishes inspired by international cuisine, our menu has something for everyone. Experience delicious flavors and unparalleled dining experiences with us.

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Outdoor pool

Experience summer days in the most refreshing and entertaining way with your loved ones by visiting our specially designed outdoor pool – perfect for swimming, lounging in the sun, and creating unforgettable memories with your children. At Terrablue, we are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate summer experience.

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Boat trip

Let us handle the logistics while you fully immerse yourself in the captivating boat trip experience. The boat, stationed at the Terrablue pontoon, is ready to take you on a memorable journey filled with breathtaking scenery.

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Shuttle bus

We provide transportation to and from Sulina beach, famous for its soft sand and clear water.

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Cool off with a fresh beverage during the hot summer days or start your morning with a flavorful coffee. The bar inside the guest house features a varied range of drinks, tailored to suit all tastes.

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Focus: Boat trips

Enjoy the precious moments shared with your loved ones, allow yourself to be.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our boat departing from the guesthouse’s pontoon. Prepare to immerse yourself in breathtaking natural landscapes and let your soul be filled with the unique energy that can only be found in the Danube Delta. Explore the hidden treasures of this magnificent ecosystem, encounter fascinating wildlife, and create cherished memories that will stay with you forever. Let our boat trips be your gateway to an extraordinary adventure in the heart of nature.

How to get to Terrablue

After arriving at the harbor in Tulcea, you have three convenient ways to reach us: take a speedy ride with Travel Delta Star, ride with Navrom Delta, or arrange private transportation with Terrablue (available for groups of at least 10 people). Click here to learn more about our transportation options.